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How we make Corn Tortillas

We make 50 kilos plus of fresh corn tortillas everyday in Bangkok using Nixtamalization.


Nixtamal is not corn flour mixed with wheat flour. Our dough is 100% made of corn.

We don’t use additives in any of our products. As a result, you can enjoy a tortilla that is 100% natural, non-GMO, without preservatives, lard, vegetable shortening, gluten or salt.

In short, our natural corn tortillas are delicious and very nutritious!

How We Make Tortillas

Our tortilla-making processes begins by selecting the best quality corn. The corn we use is organic, non-GMO, planted and harvested by environmentally-conscious farmers in Thailand on a weekly basis. The process involves five key steps:


Cooking the corn in water and lime is the most important step the tortilla-making process because of its impact on the quality of the finished product. This process is called "nixtamalization" and has been practiced in Meso America for thousands of years. After cooking it, the corn sits from 8-12 hours to allow full absorption of the lime and water into the corn.



The nixtamalized corn is placed in a special washer which enables the cleaning process. The corn is washed at different rates, depending on the desired consistency.



The cleaned corn is placed into a stone grinder and carefully monitored by trained staff to ensure that the ground corn is fine, moist and possess a perfect texture. The ground corn is called masa.



Corn masa requires kneading so that it develops the perfect texture needed to make good-quality tortillas. We place our masa in a special mixer, adding water as necessary, and carefully monitoring the process.



The ready masa is fed into a tortilla-making machine. The machine cuts the masa and funnels it through a conveyor belt that flattens into a tortilla. The tortilla winds through an enclosed oven that cooks it. The cooked tortilla is collected by our staff and packaged before delivering to our branches

As we can not find non gmo white corn kernels here in Bangkok. We ship a container of white corn 4 3/4 inch tortillas which are also available.