Sunrise Tacos

A Sunrise Story

How it all began..

It all began with a heartfelt, stomach-led desire and a simple (yet brilliant) idea in 2007. Greg Lange, who grew up eating tacos and enjoying top-of-the-line authentic foods and high-quality service in the USA, wanted to change the predominate word on the street (or internet blogs) that said, ‘There is no good Mexican food to be found in Bangkok’! “What? How is that possible?” Greg asked of his beloved city–the city that has the best of everything. After a detailed brainstorming session with his friends in Bangkok, Greg came to realize that the lack of good Mexican food in Bangkok boiled down to one simple thing; TORTILLAS. A natural entrepreneur owning other restaurants in Thailand, Greg decided that it was time to open a Mexican restaurant. Not just any tortilleria, but one that made real corn tortillas and not the tasteless and brittle harina (or processed corn flour) tortillas that are commonly found in the markets and used by many restaurants. As he explains, “It’s like the difference between making instant mashed potatoes (just add water to a cup of dry flakes) and making mashed potatoes from real potatoes. The comparison in taste and quality; well, there really is no comparison”. So, the journey started. The Sunrise family now includes Chef Luis (from Colima, Mexico) and Chef Ezequiel (from Michoacán) and 186 other dedicated staff members that can be found at ten locations in Thailand. All of our dishes are inspired by recipes from our executive Mexican chefs Luis and Ezequiel and based on the food they prepares for their families in their own kitchens.


Fanatically Fresh Food

At Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill restaurants in Bangkok, we believe in fresh, nutritious, high-quality food. There are no fillers in your food, no shortcuts, and everything is 100% fresh. Only the absolute best quality produce and meat is utilized in our kitchen. Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill restaurants are present in Bangkok and restaurants in other cities will soon be launching. At Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill you can be sure that you are getting the very best meal. Tacos, burritos, and satisfying salads are prepared as you watch; you choose exactly what goes into it. You are, in fact, your own instrumentalist for an orchestra of the freshest flavors. That may mean a little more sour cream or a little less jalapenos. At Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill restaurants, you will be able to build your version of the perfect taco or burrito. You can eat well and feel good.

Sizzling Sensation

Enjoy traditional Mexican favorites like the Grilled Chicken Tacos, a tempting array of other gourmet tacos such as Carnitas, Barbacoa, USA Cowboy Tacos, Baja Style Fish or specialties like Grilled Vegetables. All gourmet taco shells are made with 100% freshly ground food grade corn from the USA. If you really want to mix things up, try one of more than six sizzling Burrito options at Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill, or if you are really hungry, you can get a “giant” Burrito which weighs 800 grams! At Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill, we pride ourselves on serving excellent food. Your body will thank you with every bite!


Mega Margaritas

We have a variety of 3 REAL Margaritas from which you can choose at Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill! But, what is a real Margarita? Simple. It’s one that’s made with REAL 100% Agave tequila and REAL limes! No pre-made mix or preservatives are added. Try our Mango Margarita, Strawberry Margarita or an old fashioned classic lime margarita. We also have “Virgin” Margaritas available with no alcohol for those that prefer to not have liquor. With Frozen Margarita drink specials, and great menu items, your experience is sure to be memorable.


We have 10 locations in Thailand. Our restaurant Margarita Storm, located on the corner of Sukhumvit Rd and soi 13 (Margarita Storm), is open 24 hours-a-day as well as Sunrise Tacos on the corner of Sukhumvit Rd and Soi 33/1.

Our Pledges

At Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill, we make our flour tortillas from fresh homemade dough on our El Tortilla Presso (all are 100% cholesterol free ) Every dish on the Sunrise Taco’s menu was inspired, perfected, and approved by our talented chefs from Mexico. We only offer dishes that capture the heart of real Mexican style and flavor. At Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill restaurant in Bangkok, we start with corn imported from the USA to make masa and cook our corn chips fresh throughout the day using trans-fat free rice bran oil and corn oil.

Sunrise Personal Pledge

I can give you my personal assurance that we will always believe in freshness, and that using high quality products is our responsibility to our guests. The Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill team and I want to improve and are constantly striving to develop the way we do things. If you see anything we can expand on, please let me know personally. Thank you.

Greg Lange – Owner and Founder of Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill