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Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill-A place for healthiest and tastiest Mexican food in Bangkok

If you are in Bangkok, you should visit Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill one of the best Mexican restaurant in Bangkok known for its healthy, delicious, and an exotic menu, prepared by the Mexican chefs. With a rich experience of now 10 years, Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill offer the excellent customer service, ambiance, and best Mexican food in Bangkok.

What makes ‘Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill’ unique

Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill has a lot to offer to the customers for a unique and unmatchable dining experience. Below are some of the features that make ‘Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill’ the place for best Mexican food in Bangkok

  • It is Gluten free

A gluten free diet is becoming quite popular these days due to a range of health benefits it offers. Gluten is a special type of protein that is found in a range of foods such as cereals, wheat, and few grains. Sunrise tacos Mexican Grill menu is full of gluten-free diet, which is preferred by many customers with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity or skin disorders. A gluten-free diet is a much healthier way to eat based on the food choices. Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill has good gluten-free food options including Santa Fe salad, King Ranch Casserole, Chicken Salsa Fresco and other naturally gluten-free foods like lean meats, vegetables, fruit, whole gluten-free grains and healthy fats.

A gluten-free diet is highly recommended from a number of doctors and bariatric surgeons as it offers a range of health benefits including the significant improvement in the cholesterol levels, overall enhanced digestive health, and a general increase in the energy levels.

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We offer Non-GMO food

Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill is also popular for non-GMO food including corn and many others. As the GMO (genetically modified organisms) containing food poses a number of health and environmental risks, we make dedicated efforts to keep our food Non-GMO. Our specialty, Non-GMO corn, is free of genetically modified organisms, which are the organisms created in a laboratory using genetic modification or engineering techniques. Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill understands the need of the customers for healthy, non-GMO food. Our non-GMO corn is used to make a number of interesting dishes including corn tortillas.

If you are looking to mix the taste with health, Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill is the best place to visit for the amazing Mexican food.


What makes a good Restaurant Experience?

Dining in a fine restaurant can be a very pleasant experience as it is a sure way of escaping reality and just focusing on a fine meal, a good drink and a nice time. You expect to have a wonderful time of exploring a home away from home, indulging and enjoying the perfect restaurant setting. However, no one can tell if the dining experience is going to be a good one. The best way to know however is through trial and error. There is no perfect way to know but there are a few ways to guess. This article will take you through tips on what makes a good restaurant experience.

There are several dimensions of a good restaurant. If you have ever wanted to review or analyze a restaurant, you should be very aware of the following points.


The atmosphere of the restaurant, also referred to as it ambience is the first thing guest to notice. Does the place make you feel at home and comfortable? These are some of the questions you should find answers to. This is important as it will determine how you feel while dining in at that particular restaurant. You might want a place that is quiet and laid back with soft music playing in the background so that you can enjoy your meal.  While some people might even want a place that is fast paced and thriving with conversation. Either way, depending on individuals, if you are looking for a good restaurant, then the atmosphere and it serenity must be considered to ensure you have a good dining experience. 

Other things to be considered in this aspect are furnishings, decorations, lighting, sound and sometimes even food presentation. Ever imagined your favorite restaurant, there is probably something about the environment that you really enjoy. Is it the fancy with candles and white tablecloths on every table? or is your favorite restaurant casual, with beautiful memorabilia on the wall and great music playing in the background? Great restaurants have an atmosphere and ambiance that comes through in the food as well. If the environment is fun and enjoyable, and the food is too, then the presentation of the food has contributed to the good experience of the restaurant. Ambience is important because a restaurant experience can easily be ruined by bad sights and sounds. At Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill restaurant, our manager checks at each location capturing the delight in our guest’s eyes to ensure they are enjoying the serenity of our restaurant’s environment.

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# Food Quality

The next thing that makes a good restaurant is the quality of their food. What kind of food do they serve? Is it something that tastes so nice and makes you wants to order for more?  Or do they cook that regular meal in a very special way that wants to blows you of your seat. This should be easy enough for you to determine, although some people have more refined taste than others. If you eat a lot of above average food, you will be better at determining a restaurant’s food on a scale of bad, good or great.

A very important component of food quality is the taste: A good restaurant must ensure that the ingredients used in preparing their food are in adequate proportions, it must not be too salty, sweet or sour. The texture of the food is another aspect that cannot be undermined. If the food is supposed to be firm, like a vegetable and it’s soggy, that is an indication of a major problem. When looking for a good restaurant and you are particular about food, consider what other guests have to say about the quality of the food to expect at the restaurant.

We have experienced Mexican chefs that prepare great food that you can’t find elsewhere. They give attention to details while preparing the delicacies to encompass customer’s overall opinion of what a great food is. If you are looking for the best Mexican restaurant in Bangkok, then here is the right place for you!

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# Service

Service is one of the most important component of a good restaurant. A good restaurant treat it guest with respect and make them feel like kings and queens. The staffs must have excellent communication skill and make you feel as if you are one of their own. You will find out if a restaurant is good or not the moment you walk in through the door. If you enter and you’re welcomed, ushered to a sit and attended to, then be confident that it is a good restaurant and a place to enjoy a lovely time. At Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill restaurant, our staffs are friendly, courteous and are ever ready to tend to your needs. They listen to customer’s requests and are prompt at responding to it to give you the best restaurant experience you’ve always imagined.

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# Cleanliness

An unclean restaurant definitely has an unhealthy preparation method which can lead to health problems. No one wants a nice time to lead to a hospital bed. If workers do not wash their hands, customers can easily fall sick. If meat is left out for too long, it can grow bacteria that will make customers sick. A quality restaurant is one that is clean and neat. Our foods are prepared under the best hygienic conditions and our quality control is par excellence.

# Uniqueness

When looking for a good restaurant most people tend to look at what makes it different and worth trying. Do they offer fresh ingredients daily? Do they have a cooking style that makes their food unique or do they have a secret recipe that is worth trying? A good restaurant should have something that sets it different from the rest.

At Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill, customer satisfaction is our driving force, a decent Mexican meal may be hard to come by in Bangkok, but with us, everything gets easier and tastier by the day. We have all it takes to give you your dream restaurant experience.

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Get to Know More about Quesadilla

Whenever we hear the name Quesadilla, our taste buds actually feel the flavor of it. Quesadilla is a tortilla which is usually made from flour, however, sometimes it is also made with corn. It is always filled with cheese and other fillings like chicken and vegetables with some spices of course. Quesadilla is grilled and folded in a large half-moon shape.

History of Quesadilla

The quesadilla was originated in the central and southern regions of Mexico. Over the years it has evolved as a food as many people tried it with variations in the recipe. It is commonly sold in Mexico but quesadillas are also available in restaurants offering Mexican food such as Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill restaurants in Bangkok.

There are many different ways to cook a quesadilla. Many people try out different things to make their own quesadilla but traditionally, a quesadilla is made with large flour tortilla. It is warmed to soften in enough to be folded in half. When it is folded, it is filled with cheese and other fillings like vegetables and meat. There are different spices the meats are marinated with to give a tempting flavor that people crave for. Many people confuse a quesadilla with a cheese sandwich but quesadilla is not made from bread and therefore it is not a sandwich. The tortilla is not a bread because it has a different consistency and texture.

If not grilled, quesadillas can also be fried to make quesadilla fritas. Mexican quesadillas are traditionally cooked on a comal, which is also used to prepare tortillas. The main difference is that the traditional ones are made by filling the partially cooked tortillas and then cooked until the cheese melts. The fried ones are made like a pastry and immersed into hot oil until the exterior becomes crispy and golden. The choice of preparing a quesadilla depends on your taste and choice.  We do not sell fritas at Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill, as its unhealthy but it does taste good.:)

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How to Pronounce Quesadilla

Quesadilla is pronounced in the wrong way by a large number of people worldwide. The “double L” in the spellings is kind of silent. It is pronounced as “Kay Saa Dias”. However, globally it is pronounced in the same manner like Quesadilla is spelled.

Quesadilla is one of the most important members of Mexican cuisine and it has given Mexican food a new identity. Those who are not fond of Mexican cuisine, love to eat quesadillas because of the wide options you can try. It is a customized dish that anyone can make the way they want. You can make it in different flavors and add as much spice and salad you love. There are wide options available when it comes to quesadillas. If you plan to visit Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill restaurant in Bangkok soon, you should definitely try quesadillas to get a unique taste of Mexican traditions and enjoy the true Mexican food.


Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill are ruling the taste with Two Mexican Chefs

Like humans, food has many cultures and this is the reason that restaurants want to stay versatile and provide their customers with the dish they desire.

Most of the people love to have the Mexican food because of the unique flavors and delicious dishes that are available. In order to provide their customers with the best food Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill is at your service.

Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill

One of the best restaurants that you will find in Bangkok. First Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill was opened 10 years ago. Now more than 500 customers enjoy our delicious meals every day. Mexican food at Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill is adjusted to taste of customers in Thailand but you will find several authentic traditional Mexica meals. The reason that Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill is loved by their customers is that they have managed to keep the quality and great taste since the first day.

We all know that Mexican food is not easy to cook, however, Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill has set up high standards and system which provides them possibility to keep quality and taste in all branches and that is hard to be met by their competitors.

The success of secret

Many wonders how Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill keeps the quality and great taste in all the dishes they cook. The secret is in the system, constant control, self-improvement and..... Two Mexican chefs.

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1-Chef Luis

With more than 20 years of experience on several continents, Chef Luis is in charge for finding new tastes and improving traditional dishes. On the other hand if you like authentic traditional taste let them know and Chef Luis will prepare for you asked meal like it was made at his home.

For sure you will ask for more.

2-Chef Ezequiel

Even he is young he has 10 years’ experience as Mexican Chef. Working side by side with Chef Luis he is there to give younger looks and feel to Mexican food.

Why Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill has two Mexican Chefs

As old saying goes two heads are better than one. But that is not the reason. Reason is variety, different approaches, different generations, and at the end of the day better control and they can be at two places at the same time.

So here are the reasons why Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill is having two Mexican chefs:
  • Quality Control

    Apart from Chef Luis and Chef Ezekiel, there is a well-equipped team that needs training and follow up on things staff was trained. They are making sure that food has been prepared in a way to match Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill standards.
  • Healthy competition

    One of the secrets behind the success of Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill is that there has always been a healthy competition between their top chefs. Both of them have always strived to make sure to get the most number of satisfied customers at the end of the month. This is the reason that they have been not only enhancing the quality of previous meals but also working to create new dishes that would be loved by the customers. There have been many innovational Mexican dishes that were originally prepared at Sunrise by the hard work and dedication of both chefs.
  • Positive reviews from food critics

    Even though it is important for Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill to have positive reviews from food critics both Chefs prefer customer’s positive reviews. Once someone says that they had best Mexican food in Thailand or anywhere is more important for them then positive review in newspapers.

    Nobody can please everyone and people have different tastes, but goal is to bring great modern Mexican cuisine that customers will appreciate.

When you are planning to have a delicious dinner with your family or friends make sure to visit Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill. Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill is located at several different locations is Bangkok to make sure that their customers can easily access them. If you want more information about their meals, services, and rates, visit their website at or you can ask them questions at [email protected]