Sunrise Tacos

Food Philosophy

Our Food Philosophy

The secret is in our fresh ingredients

Sunrise Tacos believes in preserving the natural healthiness of real food. We do this by making all our dishes by hand using only the most natural and nutritious ingredients, while also maintaining simplicity in our dishes so not to overwhelm the natural flavors with unnecessary toppings and sides.

As a result, our homemade corn tortillas made in the traditional nixtamal method, are complemented by appropriately portioned fillings (e.g. one order of 3 tacos tends to yield about 300 calories), and toppings that taste like Mexico. We live by the following rules:

Most importantly, we prepare every dish with love and passion for the nutrition and satisfaction it will bring to each of our guests.
Our main goal is to satisfy our guests by providing nutritional, healthy and delicious Mexican food. Join us in a culinary trip to Mexico without leaving Bangkok!