Christmas Holiday Dinner in Bangkok Turkey and Ham Feast
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Letís face it, 2020 has been quite the year.
Letís celebrate, give thanks weíre still here and celebrate Christmas in Bangkok with family and friends.

For many of us, we are thankful, we seem to have escaped the worst of the virus so far in Thailand. Itís time to enjoy the taste of delicious turkey delivered to your front door in Bangkok and enjoy the best time of the year in December. We will be delivering in Bangkok every day in December but we do it actually year round. Actually we have one loyal guest who orders every couple weeks as he says turkey is not only for the holidays, itís a year round treat.

Our guest in November bought 375 USA turkeys which we cooked during the Thanksgiving period and we now after current reservations for Christmas and the New Years, only have 115 USA turkeys left. Our ovens are ready. For our guests in Bangkok who would like us to prepare your hot turkey dinner we offer several packages with traditional sides and fruit pies so that you can dine at home with family and friends in Bangkok.