• grandenachos

    Grand Supreme Nachos

  • chicken-quesadilla

    Classic Chicken Quesadillas served with sour cream and Sunrise salsa.

  • cowboytacos

    Delicious US Cowboy Tacos with Mexican Rice, Beans, Salad or Chips.

  • bajafish

    Baja Style Fish Tacos

Welcome to Sunrise Tacos Bangkok

Sunrise Tacos understands the importance of using all-natural corn tortillas to make the best tasting and healthiest Mexican food in Bangkok.

Sunrise Tacos uses 100% corn products with no preservatives or additives and prepares the best tasting and healthiest authentic Mexican food in Bangkok. We use simple yet flavorful ingredients to create deeply satisfying and healthy dishes just like you would find in any common Mexican kitchen yet created by our top Mexican chef.

The secret is in our fresh ingredients!

The masa (corn dough) used at Sunrise Tacos  is 100% corn cooked the traditional way every single day in our kitchen/taqueria.

Our corn is non-genetically modified and non-transgenic. It comes from the Scoular company, a 120 year old company located in Nebraska that applies unprecedented processes for selecting only the best quality corn for nixtamal production.

We guarantee the freshness of our food by buying our ingredients from businesses committed to sustainable practices and to providing only high quality products.

Our Top Round Beef meat comes from our local butcher KU Beef

Our beef rump, bottom round, beef cheek, rib eye, strip loin and tenderloin is imported from Australia and comes from Jagota

Our pork shoulder and chicken is bought from the CP Group in Bangkok.

Our fish is purchased from the Royal Project and from Makro.

Our Mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, and Gouda cheese is imported from the USA and comes from Food Gallery.

Our produce comes from the Royal Project so that you get the freshest produce, just as you would in Mexico. We are also looking to partner with local growers where it makes sense and as our business grows so that we can continue to supply the best, freshest produce for our guests.

We buy our imported Australia strawberries to make our famous strawberry margaritas from Jagota

Sunrise Tacos is the number one Mexican restaurant in Bangkok as the importer of avocados from Australia and we buy avocados to make our signature dish of guacamole from Food Gallery, Choice Foods and Food Lovers.

All of our dishes are inspired by recipes from our Mexican chef Luis and are based on the foods he prepares for his family in his own kitchen.

All our food is prepared with love and passion. Our main goal is to satisfy our guests by providing nutritional, healthy and delicious Mexican food. Join us in a culinary trip to Mexico without leaving Bangkok!

Sunrise Tacos offers 12 hour delivery!

12 hour delivery service within Bangkok!  You can order online for delivery in Bangkok at www.chefsxp.com/sunrise or call 1767 from 10:30 a.m. until 10:30 pm

Please allow one hour for delivery in Bangkok

What We’re All About

What We’re All About

Our mission at Sunrise Tacos is to provide healthy, nutritious and satisfying food in a laid back ambience that evokes and keeps alive memories of Mexico and its traditions in our Mexican restaurants in Bangkok. We ascribe to the philosophy that the purpose of the tortilla and other products, is to enhance the flavor of the food, not to merely hold the food together.

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Reserve a Table

Reserve a Table

Come to any one of our 7 great Sunrise Tacos locations, in Bangkok, and enjoy traditional Mexican favorites like Grilled Chicken Tacos, big Sunrise burritos, cheesy enchiladas, a tempting array of  gourmet tacos such as Carnitas, Carne Asada, Barbacoa, Seasoned Ground Beef, or Sunrise Tacos specialties like Grilled Vegetables, chef’s special chilaquiles and chile rellenos, our fabulous Frosty fruit freeze drinks and great margaritas.

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Our Menu

Our Menu

At Sunrise Tacos, all of our dishes are inspired from Chef Luis based on the foods he prepares for his family in his own kitchen. Our Mexican and American food in Bangkok is simple. It is designed with the intention to deliver the highest quality flavor sure to leave you full, yet wanting more.

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